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Welcome to BMOE

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For more than 30 years, BMOE has served a broad range of documents communication needs for businesses. Our products and services in this

category are critical to our customers in distinguishing their printed

materials and achieving a professional edge in today’s competitive market.

In cooperation with both international GBC and RBC corporation we offer

a selective range of products that suits best for your needs.


About us

Roll Laminating Machines

RBC Rollam 370

Roll Laminator

Laminated up to 37cm wide up to 250 mic thickness with full productivity speed and temperature cotrol LCD display

RBC Rollam 720

Roll Laminator

The RBC Rollam 720 with 4 Heating roller internal heater treated by special anti-static treatment, any resin or dust etc can not be remained at the rollers during laminations at all.

RBC Rollam 1120

Roll Laminator

Premium productivity and quality while cost effective , the rollam 1120 enables laminatin and encapsulation of sheet up to 112 cm wide and a thickness up to 250 mic.

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