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Welcome to BMOE

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For more than 30 years, BMOE has served a broad range of documents communication needs for businesses. Our products and services in this

category are critical to our customers in distinguishing their printed

materials and achieving a professional edge in today’s competitive market.

In cooperation with both international GBC and RBC corporation we offer

a selective range of products that suits best for your needs.


About us

Pouch Laminating Machines


Pouch Laminator

Photo quality laminator , laminates from ID size to A4 , Electronically controlled heat settings ensure accurate temperatures for a quality finish up to 250 mic

RBC 335R6

Pouch Laminator

Anti Stick Roller technology and Electronically controlled heat settings to ensure accurate temperatures

for a quality finish

RBC 325R6

Pouch Laminator

Premium Laminator with roller heat technology and LCD dsplay to control both temperature and speed , up to 6 rolls to ensure a bubble free operation!

RBC 330 R10

Pouch Laminator

First 10 Roller laminator with a Special DC motor for 5,000 hours of long life , Special Patent Cooling system , up to 4,000mm/min !!!

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