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Welcome to BMOE

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For more than 30 years, BMOE has served a broad range of documents communication needs for businesses. Our products and services in this

category are critical to our customers in distinguishing their printed

materials and achieving a professional edge in today’s competitive market.

In cooperation with both international GBC and RBC corporation we offer

a selective range of products that suits best for your needs.




Laminating Supplies

Plastic rings – Binding combs

●●- RBC Pouch Laminating Supplies

At BMOE we understand that some documents need to treated with kid gloves and what

better way than to laminate your documents. Our laminating supplies are guaranteed with

professional results.

Laminating is basically the encapsulation of your documents in a clear plastic giving it rigidity

and strength to withstand handling marks and stains.

So give BMOE a call for all of your laminating Supplies!

RBC laminating film is our best-selling, premium quality lamination film with aggressive bonding

characteristics and a crystal-clear finish.

Precision top quality construction prevents wrinkles and always provides a perfect edge seal.

Forget the foggy look of cheap mono-polymer lamination films. RBC pouches utilizes a premium

polymer adhesive that won't cloud, fog, crack peel or fade. RBC Pouches adheres to porous,

semi-gloss and gloss paper media with light to heavy ink coverage.

Your thermal pouch laminator will produce better results with premium RBC Clear pouches.

RBC Pocuhes is available in gloss, satin and matte finishes.

RBC Pouches is available in any sizes and thickness.

●●- RBC Roll Laminating Supplies

RBC Roll Laminating film, our Standard Roll Laminating Film, is a lamination film that is ideal for

most porous paper stock and will adhere to most ink lay downs.

It is the most popular laminating film used in schools, offices, copy and print shops as it

works great on a variety of substances!

RBC Roll Laminating films are available in any sizes and thickness.

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