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Welcome to BMOE

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For more than 30 years, BMOE has served a broad range of documents communication needs for businesses. Our products and services in this

category are critical to our customers in distinguishing their printed

materials and achieving a professional edge in today’s competitive market.

In cooperation with both international GBC and RBC corporation we offer

a selective range of products that suits best for your needs.


ID Cards

Business machines and office equipment has been for more than 30 years specialized in the ID cards industry. Being the supplier for the cairo traffic departement driving liscence material and machines, BMOE has excelled during the years in the art of producing high quality finished ID cards products as well as the ideal ID card solution provider for many clubs , schools , hotels and university.

ID Cards Printing services

Why bother in buying machines and equipments for ID cards printing when you can avoid all the maintenance and operating headache involved in the operation by using our high quality and cost effective printing services?

BMOE Offers:

- Identification cards

- Loyalty cards

- Time and attendance cards

- Magnetic Cards

- Membership cards

ID Cards Solution Provider

BMOE shifts the whole ID cards system to another level. Our improved ID card printing system is in fact THE ideal system for cards productivity specially designed for clubs with a productivity that could reach more than 1000 cards per hour using special materials printable with any Inkjet or Laser Printer which makes it cost reduction oriented compared to any other system. We offer machines , supplies , membership and databse organization and id cards printing softwares and an intensive training to all our partners in addition to a fully specialised customer service dedicated for your help at any time!




Teslin + Lam Pouch

Pouch Lam Machine

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