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Welcome to BMOE

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For more than 30 years, BMOE has served a broad range of documents communication needs for businesses. Our products and services in this

category are critical to our customers in distinguishing their printed

materials and achieving a professional edge in today’s competitive market.

In cooperation with both international GBC and RBC corporation we offer

a selective range of products that suits best for your needs.


Heavy Duty Modulars

GBC MagnaPunch

Heavy Duty Electric Puncher

With its half- second punch cycle and continuous - duty motor, the MagnaPunch is ideal for high volume, high-speed punching - up to 40000 sheets per hour with interchangeable dies


Heavy Duty Electric Puncher

The GBC MP2500iX is designed for offices needing high volume punching with ease of use. With a 1.5 second punch cycle and up to 16,000 sheets per hour, this punch delivers the productivity required to complete your projects on time. Simply slide the die sets in place, no tools or locking levers are required.

GBC MP2000

Moderate Duty Electric Puncher

The GBC Modular MP2000 features a vertical open-throat punch designed for easy paper alignment, thereby eliminating punching skew. Available for comb , wire and coil punching

GBC Ap2 Ultra

Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Puncher

The AP2 Ultra is a high quality heavy duty automatic binding punch that is designed for the highest volume punching environments.

This machine is designed for users who do a lot of punching and want the ability to set a stack of paper on their machine and walk away. It is a popular choice for larger print shops, binderies, in-plant printers and copy shops

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